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  1. Cartilaginous Audio Preview Cartilaginous by Epiglottis. Usage Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. Related Music (Beta) question-dark. download 8 files. KBPS MP3. Uplevel BACK M. Around the Block download. M. Nightfall.
  2. Nov 20,  · Some Nightfall Addeddate Boxid OL Identifier NightfallFills. plus-circle Add Review. comment. DOWNLOAD OPTIONS download 1 file. 64KBPS MP3 ZIP download. download 1 file. ITEM TILE.
  3. Dec 24,  · Nightfall and Vanishing Point are two of my favorite, more modern old time radio productions. In particular, I LOVE the incredibly haunting and sad song that plays 24 minutes and 16 seconds into the Nightfall episode, Lifeline. I wish I knew if it was from a popular song, or if it was just written and performed for this episode.
  4. Dec 23,  · Love the Nightfall series and appreciate being able to listen to them again after so many years. However, it's a shame that the files posted here were not given even a basic cursory verification before being uploaded. As it is, most titles, dates and episode numbers don't sync with the mp3 .
  5. The epiglottis is a leaf-shaped flap in the throat that prevents food from entering the windpipe and the lungs. It stands open during breathing, allowing air into the larynx. During swallowing, it closes to prevent aspiration of food into the lungs, forcing the swallowed liquids or food to go along the esophagus toward the stomach instead. It is thus the valve that diverts passage to either Function: Prevent food from entering the respiratory tract.
  6. Jan 19,  · The epiglottis is a leaf-shaped flap of cartilage located behind the tongue, at the top of the larynx, or voice box. The main function of the epiglottis is to seal off the windpipe during eating.
  7. Nightfall was the early 80's Canadian radio series that was also syndicated in the United States. A mixture of Horror, Suspense and Science Fiction the series is worth a listen. There is a very low quality set already out there but I have remastered as many of these as I could, I have fixed many of the audio problems and labeled them.
  8. Click on the sound icon for the audio file (mp3 format) for each slide. There is also a link to a dowloadable mp4 video which can be played on an iPod. 2 2 Respiratory Tract Upper respiratory When you swallow the hyoid bone lifts up and this causes the cartilaginous epiglottis to hinge backwards, guarding the opening into the glottis to.
  9. Epiglottitis (when the “lid” of cartilage that covers your windpipe swells and blocks the flow of air to your lungs) You can also have stridor if an object gets stuck in your windpipe. You.

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