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  1. cry: [noun] an instance of crying: such as. an inarticulate utterance of distress, rage, or pain. outcry, clamor.
  2. Cry definition, to utter inarticulate sounds, especially of lamentation, grief, or suffering, usually with tears. See more.
  3. cry (krī) v. cried (krīd), cry·ing, cries (krīz) disftersterwesuchmo.taibigcutuhodobilwinipurefheo.co 1. To shed tears, especially as a result of strong emotion such as grief, sorrow, pain, or joy. 2. To call loudly; shout. 3. To utter a characteristic sound or call. Used of an animal. 4. To demand or require immediate action or .
  4. 50 synonyms of cry from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for cry. Cry: to shed tears often while making meaningless sounds as a sign of pain or distress.
  5. cry definition: 1. to produce tears as the result of a strong emotion, such as unhappiness or pain: 2. to cry for. Learn more.
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  7. A dude who played Amnesia in and is typing in third-person now in describing his channel awkwardly but can't. I stream a lot because performance an.
  8. cry (one's) eyes out To cry for an extended period of time. Poor Jane really cried her eyes out during the funeral service. I can't watch those sappy movies because I just cry my eyes out every time. See also: cry, eye, out cry uncle To admit defeat or plead for mercy, especially in an informal physical contest of some kind. The brothers often play.
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