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  1. Acceleration, rate at which velocity changes with time, in terms of both speed and direction. A point or an object moving in a straight line is accelerated if it speeds up or slows down. Motion on a circle is accelerated even if the speed is constant, because the direction is continually changing.
  2. Acceleration definition is - the act or process of moving faster or happening more quickly: the act or process of accelerating. How to use acceleration in a sentence.
  3. Since acceleration is a velocity change over a time, the units on acceleration are velocity units divided by time units - thus (m/s)/s or (mi/hr)/s. The (m/s)/s unit can be mathematically simplified to m/s 2. The Direction of the Acceleration Vector. Since acceleration is a vector quantity, it has a direction associated with it. The direction.
  4. Define acceleration. acceleration synonyms, acceleration pronunciation, acceleration translation, English dictionary definition of acceleration. n. 1. a. The act of accelerating. b. The process of being accelerated. 2. Abbr. a Physics The rate of change of velocity with respect to time.
  5. Acceleration definition, the act of accelerating; increase of speed or velocity. See more.
  6. Velocity describes how position changes; acceleration describes how velocity changes. Two layers of change! Google Classroom Facebook Twitter. Email. Acceleration. Acceleration. What is acceleration? This is the currently selected item. Airbus A take-off .
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  8. Dec 14,  · Acceleration formula - three acceleration equations. In the 17th century, Sir Isaac Newton, one of the most influential scientists of all time, published his famous book disftersterwesuchmo.taibigcutuhodobilwinipurefheo.co it, he formulated the law of universal gravitation which states that any two objects with mass will attract each other with a force exponentially dependent on distance between these objects (specifically, it is.

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